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The style vagabonds from Berlin

Schnaftl Ufftschik has been shaking up the brass scene for over 25 years. Their trademark is a gifted mix of jazz, pop, folk, world music, a very own Schnaftl-Ufftschik sound. And he takes you away, takes you out of your chairs, breaks you out of the everyday sensory rush(es)

Brasserie. This tastes like a wonderfully grounded treat. After sophisticated home cooking. Garnished with home brew. Diverse. Confident. In its latest program, the brass formation Schnaftl Ufftschik sets off on that obvious culinary journey through musical styles, eras and tastes and invites you to a wonderful casse-croûte, a truly opulent musical brasserie snack. “Blue Rondo á la Turk” sits next to “Seven Days” by Sting or a classic by Renft on the schnaftulian snack platter. “Swan Lake” or the good German “Abendlied” are served in a lovingly different way, as are various world music titles. There is also no shortage of home-brewed items. “Emmas Tango” and “Sigirya Tree House Funk” are original compositions and give the program the right spice.

The nice thing about a musical snack platter á la Brasserie is that there is something for everyone. All senses, all tastes are addressed. The enormous musical breadth that the five musicians of the now legendary Berlin band can serve is also evident.

Boris Bell, Stefan Gocht, Reinhard Gundelwein, Johannes Siedel and Lutz Wolf are the “chefs” who present “Schnaftl's BRAS series” with the right spice, tactfully and with verve. A pleasure for all senses!

The theater is open from 6:30 p.m