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Known as the discoverer of Troy, Heinrich Schliemann was much more than "just" a world-famous archaeologist. His life is like an odyssey on the way to his true passion. For the first time, the exhibition takes a look at the "unknown" Schliemann before he turned to archaeology, a global life full of energy, risk-taking and adventure.

Ausstellungsstück aus "Schliemanns Welten" in der James-Simon-Galerie
Ausstellungsstück aus "Schliemanns Welten" in der James-Simon-Galerie © MVF, Foto: K. Göken

Schliemann, who can be described as restless and restless, mastered more than a dozen languages. In his early 40s, the merchant, who was successful at the time, began to study Homer's epics and the ancient writers intensively. He visited ancient sites in Greece and Turkey and found Europe's earliest high culture. With spectacular finds from the royal tombs in Mycenae and the Trojan Collection, the exhibition presents the results of his archaeological excavations.

On the occasion of his 200th birthday, the Museum of Prehistory and Early History is showing the exhibition Schliemann's Worlds on Museum Island Berlin.

See what Schliemann saw is the motto.
Specially created illustrations, media installations and hands-on stations allow visitors to participate in Schliemann's journey and immerse themselves in his worlds.

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