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"Icarus" is spectacular show, installation, new circus, physical theater, inspired by the ancient myth of Icarus. The latter died after flying too close to the sun - with wax wings and feathers created by his father Daedalus. What is the price of freedom and how can it be achieved?

The Flight of Icarus reflects Akhe's own experience of flight from Russia and encouraged her to reinvent Daedalus' ingenious constructions in her own way.

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Starring Pavel Semchenko, Nikolay Khamov, Sergey Azeev Director Maxim Isaev Scenography Nikolay Khamov Costume Anis Kronidova Music Denis Krivtsov Co-producers City of Erlangen, Cultural Promotion. International figure theater festival. Erlangen, Le Moulin Fondu, Centre national des arts de la rue et de l'espace public (CNAREP) - Île-de-France, l'Association Moulin Jaune en fetes (France), Institut Francais (Russie) Sponsored by City of Erlangen, Cultural Promotion, International figure theater festival. Erlangen, France Institute (Russie)   Supported by City of Erlangen, cultural promotion, International figure theater festival. Erlangen