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„The Scent of the Fog“ is a show created by Elisa Spagone and Marian Codrut Cojocaru; two dancers belonging to different backgrounds, join urban and contemporary dance, through orderly movement, a new style of dance and expressing created by the company. It’s a show which speaks about love, an apparently easy but inscrutable theme.

KEY VISUAL The Scent of the Fog
KEY VISUAL The Scent of the Fog © Isabella Quaranta

Two individuals will go on a journey through themselves and then maybe really find themselves, challenged by the game of life, a game that we all have to play albeit unaware.

The fog is a symbol of passage, change and transformation, since it constantly changes according to its density. It represents the rise of the hero, who losing his/her points of reference, from chaos finds the way back to him/herself and to the other.
Additional information
Orderly Dance Company

Elisa Spagone and Marian Codrut Cojocaru have created the „Orderly Dance Company“ in 2021. They work together since just three years, but their encounter leeds instantly to a big research and creative work. They start mixing their ways of dancing, contaminating each other in different way of creation. They create a new movement, the orderly dance movement, based on the principle of using the minimum effort for maximum intensity, all connected to emotion and inner message expression. They work as dancer together with impro performances and shows, collaborating with different realities, and meanwhile they share their research through workshops worldwide.
Participating artists
Elisa Spagone
Marian Codrut Cojocaru
Daniela Paci
Jolanda Moletta
Demian Endian
Alberto Spagone