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Samuel Sibilski has an eye for detail. With charming cleverness and a good dose of cynicism, he ponders things that many know but no one questions. The 38-year-old relentlessly sarcastic and devilishly wickedly presents his view of things.

Samuel Sibilski
Samuel Sibilski © Delia Baum

Is blood really thicker than water? And what must it have been like for the first homosexual in human history? Without sparing himself, it quickly becomes clear why Samuel is also up to his mischief as the most clicked German battle rapper named SSYNIC. "ÜBERTREIB' NICH!" are words that the quick-witted language talent has heard many, many times in his life.

Samuel Sibilski walks a fine line between honesty and ruthlessness when he talks about his best friend's fat girlfriend, the new receptionist at the dermatologist's office or his dealings with other black people. But he never loses his twinkle in his eye. Other highlights of his show are his stories about a new way of dating and the well-intentioned advice of his best friends to hold back.

Direct but humorous, Samuel addresses his topics, voicing what many an audience member is thinking. "My main goal is to have people entertained, laughing very often and very loudly, and afterward not being able to describe to outsiders in one sentence what kind of comedy I do." Sarcasm, brains and a fine pinch of malice are prerequisites to enjoy this new program.

(Program in German)

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