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The “Rudow reads” reading festival is entering its 12th round. The program offers diverse facets of literature. Exciting, humorous, thoughtful. Admission to all events is free. To take part in the main reading, free tickets are required, which can be obtained from the specialist shops TUI-Reisecenter and Leporello-Buchhandlung. For the main reading, the order quantity is limited to a maximum of six cards per “household”.


Friday, March 15th

3 p.m
Bärbel Schäfer, My afternoons with Eva
Center Trinity

Official opening of “Rudow reads” with district councilor Karin Korte
6 p.m
Deniz Utlu, Father's Sea
Gertrud Haß Library

8 p.m
Dorothee Riese, We are here for silence
Leporello bookstore

Saturday, March 16th

11:00 a.m. Public reading
Stepha Quitterer, Pepe and the octopus on the run from the garbage mafia
Schliemann School

12 o'clock
Fabian Friedmann, Oase Neukölln
Rudow weekly market

2:30 p.m
Kerstin Ehmer, This freedom means everything to me. The Life of Kathleen Scott
TUI travel center

3:30 p.m
Stephan Abarbanell, Paula or The Seven Colors of Loneliness
Ev. Parish

16.30 o'clock
Evan Tepest, Write your mother's name.
Old monastery pharmacy

5:30 p.m
Stefan Moster, Is that still me?
All ears

8:00 p.m. Maxim Leo, We will be young

You can only gain entry to this event with free tickets, which you can get from the Rudow specialist shops TUI-ReiseCenter and Leporello.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

11:00 a.m
Veronica Peters. I was most beautiful naked
Old village school Rudow, Alt-Rudow 60

3 p.m
Stefanie Gerhold, The Queen's Smile
St. Joseph Parish

17 o'clock
Nilufar Karkhiran Khozan, Terafik
Leporello bookstore

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