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Roland Kaiser still effortlessly manages to provide his audience with extraordinary, highly emotional and unforgettable live evenings - something that is very close to the heart of the German star giant among artists and perhaps even more important in this time than ever before.

Roland Kaiser
Roland Kaiser © Frank Embacher

Especially his open air concerts have always been special highlights in recent years - not only at the Kaisermania in Dresden.

Thus, the charismatic exceptional artist will also offer the fans in the summer of 2023 with his fabulous live band a firework of emotions at the highest level. A claim that gives him the greatest pleasure himself.

From mid-May to the beginning of September 2023, Roland Kaiser will be performing his new "ALLES O.K.!" Open Air tour through Germany and Austria.

Hardly any German artist can look back on such a successful, dazzling and consistent career over so many decades as Roland Kaiser.

He is a German music icon, an entertainer born for the stage and an absolute audience favorite - simply a living legend and cult.

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