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Now the fun really begins. He who laughs with Griess laughs best! This is the motto under which the Cologne cabaret artist launches his new cabaret-satire show to transform all the topics that otherwise only make people in a bad mood into a feast of high comedy.

Robert Griess
Robert Griess © Jochen Manz

Wherever he performs, the audience almost falls off their chairs laughing - that's how mercilessly funny Griess points out the absurdities of our time: A German army that can't shoot; Greens collecting bonus miles; bellwether culture versus envious culture, argument culture versus fun culture, oriental bathing culture versus Western yogurt culture!

Whether realtors sell sleeping places under Rhine bridges as luxury lofts, climate activists bump into Pegida rage citizens, Trump sits with Putin and Merkel in a group therapy, or the Swedes demonstrate against climate change, although they are the only ones who profit from it and can finally grow their own red wine ...

Robert Griess holds nothing sacred (an advantage for a comedian), his variety of topics is unique in the cabaret scene (an advantage for the audience) and, as one of the last of his kind, he still has a clear stance (an advantage for everyone).

He is never dogmatic, but always saulustig! So with Griess, you know where you stand, but you never know what's coming next: standup or art figure, a satirical crowd scene, great drama, a calypso - with Griess, one surprise follows the next - all much to the audience's mental added value!

"Apocalypso, Baby!" is a show full of fast-paced monologues, dialogues, hilarious scenes and relevant topics.

(Program in German)

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