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Suppose your river collides with my stone. They crash into each other. Suppose the stone has no way out. It just stays there. Suppose it has a way out. It lets itself be carried along with your floods and navigated into the unknown.

Suppose it is carried along by the river until it lands in a structure into which it fits so well that any gap between it and its neighbor closes. The flow is interrupted.

Suppose the pressure of the water becomes so great that your stone dislodges itself from its fixed position - like a filling from a molar.

Suppose your stone continues to flow, leaving a gap in the stream.

Suppose it is not a matter of a fixed position or a status to be attained, but of a reciprocal moving and being guided.

A capacity that is fluid and ambivalent, attributed neither to fixed entities nor to specific identities.

Inspired by the author Minna Salami, RIVER approaches the question of what a feminist redefinition of power can mean for the relationships between fleshy and programmed bodies in an experiment between dance and radio technology.
Additional information
With the kind support of Deutscher Bühnenverein, Landesverband Berlin.

Choreography: Ari Adamski

Performance: Manse, Tora Hed, Adela Maharani

Sound Design: Zoya Zerkalski

Musical Performance: Crispin Lord 

Dramaturgy: Pau Hoff

Costume Design: Dora Jacques Piaszek

Scenography and Light: Lorenzo Toma

Outside Eye: Veronika Heisig

Mentoring: Jasna Vinovrski