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In the third concert of the series, the Chemirani family trio performs with an ensemble that includes Greek musician Sokratis Sinopoulos. His lyre meets the Persian drum instrument of the zarb, the North Indian tabla, as well as cello and bass clarinet. In this program, entitled Rhythm Alchemy, rhythmic energy is extracted from the combination of the most diverse folk music elements.

Djamchid Chemirani
Djamchid Chemirani Remi Hostekind

Rhythm Alchemy


  • Djamchid Chemirani Zarb and poetry
  • Bijan Chemirani Zarb, Daf and Saz
  • Balakumar Paramalignam Indian percussion
  • Stéphane Galland Percussion
  • Vincent Segal cello
  • Sokratis Sinopoulos Lyra
  • Julien Stella bass clarinet and beatbox
  • Keyvan Chemirani Zarb, santoor and percussion
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Keyvan Chemirani & Rhythm Alchemy
Keyvan Chemirani
Julien Stella
Sokratis Sinopoulos
Prabhu Edouard
Vincent Segal
Stéphane Galland
Bijan Chemirani
Djamchid Chemirani
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