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No other mountaineer is as well known in the German-speaking world as Reinhold Messner. Since 1969, he has let the world participate in his climbs, which have taken him to the highest mountains in the world. During his many first ascents, the ascent of all 14 eight-thousanders and the longitudinal crossing of Greenland, he was never concerned with personal records, but rather with contact with natural landscapes that were as untouched as possible and being on the move with minimal equipment.


Accompanied by never before shown pictures and films Reinhold Messner tells in his current lecture "Nanga Parbat - my mountain of destiny" of the moving stories that have taken place on and at the 8,125 m high mountain. He also tells of his own moving and exciting story.

Even before Messner, daring alpinists had dared to climb Nanga Parbat. Albert Mummery, the best mountaineer of his time, who disappeared in 1895 during the transition from the Diamir to the Rakhiot side, of the unforgotten Willo Welzenbach, called "Ice Pope", who died with eight men in a snowstorm in 1934; of Hermann Buhl, who in 1953, against the orders of the expedition leader, reached the summit alone and as the first. And of Steve House, who a good 50 years later mastered the Rupal face directly in a two-rope team.

Reinhold Messner gives an authentic account of his own fateful expedition in 1970, which has shaped his life to this day. After the successful ascent of the highest steep face on earth - the Rupalwand, by the Messner brothers, tragedy strikes on the descent. Sick of the altitude, his brother Günther can no longer return to the bivouac. A fall would be certain. So Reinhold leads him through the 4000-meter Diamir flank to the foot of the wall, despite the danger of avalanches, the lack of a route and despair. While Reinhold goes ahead to look for a way out of the danger zone, an ice avalanche buries the brother. After Reinhold cannot find his brother, he drags himself down the valley for days with frozen hands and feet, without food in a deserted area. Closer to death than to life, thanks to three lumberjacks who carry him down the valley, he finds his expedition team, which is already on its way home.

Eight years later, he succeeds in the first solo ascent of the eight-thousander Nanga Parbat, the feat of his life.

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