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In the run-up to the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women", a reading with Women in Exile will take place at the aquarium Südblock.

"With this book, we make space for voices that are often silenced." (Women in Exile)

On the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women", the pervasive violence to which FLINTA are exposed worldwide and the courageous resistance against this violence will be commemorated.

Refugee girls and women in Germany are particularly affected by patriarchal and racist violence. The Women in Exile collective has been fighting for 20 years for the necessary social and political changes that are needed to guarantee all girls and women a life in safety.

The collective's book "Breaking Borders to Build Bridges: 20 Years of Women in Exile" is a powerful testimony to this struggle.

The collection of texts vividly describes stories of flight, survival and the situation in refugee camps (Lager) and the 20-year commitment of the group of refugee women.

For the reading, the activists and authors will first present a film about the work of Women in Exile and then read excerpts from the book and answer questions.

The evening will end with an informal get-together with snacks and drinks - and of course the opportunity to buy the book.
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