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Jazz at Helmholtzplatz as guest in the Brotfabrik

Jazz guitarist from Ecuador Ramiro Olaciregui presents himself with his great quartet in the Jazz am Helmholtzplatz series at the Brotfabrik.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Ramiro Olaciregui Quartett
Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V.

In Latin America, Christmas is a celebration that takes place at 40 degrees Celsius, under palm trees or in the shade of mango trees with artificial lights - candles would melt in most areas of the southern continent. Guitarist Ramiro Olaciregui comes from Argentina, studied at Berklee College of Music, collaborated with various jazz greats in New York and recently graduated from the Jazz Institute in Berlin. Before he opens the big stages of the world, he plays a pre-Christmas, see rhythmic-groovy concert in the Brotfabrik. By the way, Ramiro founded the Humboldt Jazzfest in Ecuador, which is sponsored by the Goethe Institute and the Humboldt Foundation and brings jazz musicians* from Europe to Ecuador. Fortunately, we don't have to fly to Argentina or Ecuador to listen to Ramiro; we just have to meet at the Bread Factory.

  • Ramiro Olaciregui - guitar
  • Marc Michel - drums
  • Omri Abramov - sax
  • Max Leiss - bass

Admission: 15/12 euros

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