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In 1980, a young carpenter in East Westphalia took up a cheap felt-tip pen and scribbled outrageously funny comics, which first became an insider tip in the gay scene and shortly afterwards went through the roof among straight people as well. Until then, homosexuality had been taboo or treated with stupid Detlev jokes, but Ralf König's nose men were uninhibitedly testosterone-drunk and snotty, which also made left-wing student circles relax. Finally, people were allowed to laugh with gays and not just at them - and preferably in the bathroom of a shared flat.

Ralf König: 40 JAHRE SCHWULCOMIX © Ralf König

Four decades later, Ralf König reads from his early "Schwulcomix" and other cult classics to mark the anniversary. Whether tender or coarse men, love troubles, testosterone surges with and without Viagra, messed-up relationships, excursions into antiquity, Barbra Streisand or a hearty bite into the fruit of knowledge: the range in Ralf König's comics extends from lusty smut to pleasurable religious sausage.

With great fun and to the delight of the audience, the cartoonist narrates his comics from four decades of gay nose-painting himself - there's cackling and shrieking. And even God is rumbling along.

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