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What actually happens when someone dies in this country and there’s no money left for the burial? Of course, no one wants to think too much about that. But what options are there for this final journey? In short: social-fund funerals. 

Following her previous productions in the studio, The Making of and The Sequel, director and author Nora Abdel-Maksoud is returning to the Gorki. For her new comedy, she dedicates herself once more to the absurdities triggered by inequality in our society. In a plotline that drums up crazy twists again and again, she spins her main character, a successful journalist, from Berlin into »the valley«, an unabashedly wealthy village right outside the city.

This is the realm of the Undertaker, a visionary facilitator of discount burials, where certainties which prevailed up to this point appear to reverse themselves.

But what do water pipes have to do with all this? And who pays for it all in the end? 

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By Nora Abdel-Maksoud
Participating artists
Niels Bormann
Orit Nahmias
Falilou Seck
Katharina Faltner
Johannes Kirsten