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NACH WIE VOR - TOUR 2019: More than three decades ago Purple Schulz already knew how to sum up big feelings and landed one hit after the other: "Sehnsucht", "Verliebte Jungs", "Kleine Seen" and many more.

Purple Schulz
Purple Schulz Ben Schulz

On his 2019 tour, the Cologne-based singer-songwriter now looks back on his life's work and presents "NACH WIE VOR", his current album of the same name, whose songs with their precise observations have lost nothing of their topicality even 30 years later. They sound as if they had just been written: melancholic, thoughtful, political, touching, refreshing, light-footed - but always thoroughly honest and as he feels them today. Purple Schulz certainly holds a mirror up to his audience, denounces double standards and grievances, but in a sympathetic, mischievous manner and with his typical Rhenish humour. A time-critical spirit that doesn't shy away from hard themes and controversies, but always shows itself and its audience vanishing points when the world in which we live is once again completely upside down. Those who want to experience a piece of music history live should not miss the concerts of this charismatic entertainer. Purple Schulz is accompanied virtuosically by Markus Wienstroer on guitar, violin and banjo. Look forward to an exciting, emotional and entertaining evening, at the end of which you will feel equally embraced, amused and moved. With his songs Purple Schulz brings the whole life with all its facets back to the concert halls.

AFTER HOW - and even more than ever!

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