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A concentrated mix of first-class punk and Oi from Italy and Berlin awaits you! On this stage, the "oldest punk band in Italy", Skiantos, who lovingly describe their fun punk as "dementia punk", meet the Punk Rock Boys, who make all boy bands in music history look old.

The highlight of the evening is undoubtedly the 99 Posse from Naples, who protest against fascism and repression with their modern fusion of hip-hop, ragga, ska and punk.

Everyone is also looking forward to Gli Ultimi from Rome, who are back with their original punk rock sound, Atarassia Gröp from Como, who will inspire with their punk core, and the Berlin heroes and heroines of She Male Trouble, who will be there again this year are part of the party when it comes to Punk Italia in the Festsaal Kreuzberg.

Line up:

  • 99 Posse (Ska - Reggae, Naples)
  • Skiantos (dementia punk, Bologna)
  • She-Male Trouble (Berlin)
  • Atarassia Gröp (Punk Core, Como)
  • Gli Ultimi (Punk Rock, Rome)
  • Punk Rock Boys (Berlin)

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