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At Museum Sunday, the permanent exhibitions will once again come into focus. The development of the district is made tangible using various objects from the city's and everyday history.

The exhibition “WEST!” tells of events and people who have shaped the district over three centuries. In addition, the art collection, which is also permanently on display, combines city history with art history. Created from the collection of the municipal deputation for art purposes and the private Raussendorff art collection, it shows paintings, graphics and sculptures from the 19th century, classical modernism and, in particular, the Berlin Secession. The public tour of the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Museum also invites you to learn more about the history of the current museum building and its former residents.

Participation free of charge. Please register by phone at 030-90 29 24 106 or by email to museum[at] If there are free places, spontaneous participation is also possible.
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