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Daniel Cremer in ecstasy!

Emotionally! Electrifying! Frantic! In a dizzying stand-up, Daniel Cremer delves deep into the musical human heritage of German pop. An ecstasy exercise to recharge your batteries for uncertain times - with a wink towards the legendary SchlagerNackt parties in the SchwuZ Queer Club.

An empty stage, a bright beam of light, a naked body and: hit songs until you drop. In LIKE A PRAYER, performance artist Daniel Cremer gives himself entirely to the audience and experiences on his own body how liberating (musical) ecstasy can be. The fuel for this light-hearted exorcism of the remnants of patriarchy is Schlager and others. by Marianne Rosenberg, Mireille Mathieu and Joy Fleming. The unbroken, life-affirming musical material flows together with anarchic moderations that give performers and audience the necessary vibration to transform old fears, new hardenings and everything in between into pure life force.

Ecstasy gives power to act, freedom of movement, connection. Until everyone goes out into the world again, euphoria-boosted and fully immunized with tinsel in their hair. It is no coincidence that this stand-up show premieres in the SchwuZ Queer Club of all places. Since the 1970s, SchwuZ has been a place of diverse ecstasy - whether at Madonnamania, bump! or the SchlagerNackt Party, at SchwuZ the Berlin LGBTQIA* community dances and celebrates its way into the Olympus of rapture and self-empowerment.

LIKE A PRAYER is the third and final part of a trilogy of solo shows in which Daniel Cremer dedicates himself to the power of affirmative emotions, and follows the song recital BORN TO MAKE YOU HAPPY (2017, Glück) and the poly-erotic stand-up THE MIRACLE OF LOVE (2019, Love).

“And if your heart is ready / come over this bridge / out of your loneliness” (From: “A song can be a bridge” by Joy Fleming)

60 minutes without a break
Additional information
Participating artists
Melanie Bonajo (Künstlerische Beratung)
Daniel Cremer (Konzept)
Magnus Loddgard (Arrangements)
Anna Schmidbauer (Somatische Beratung)
Daniel Cremer (Solo-Performance)
Stephanie Disser (Flöte)
Ryoichi Masaka (Oboe)
Desirée Grundmann (Klarinette)
Torsten Näther (Fagott)