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School's out! The graduating class of 2021 of the State School of Artistry Berlin celebrates this with a big party, of course. It will be wild, colorful and circus-like! After school, the show really gets started. The young artists celebrate not only the past school years and the graduation as a state-certified artist, but also the new beginning and the future.

Plakat von POPCORN
Plakat von POPCORN © Promo

What will be in store for them? How can they put together all that they have learned to finally find their very own artistic character?

When night and morning shake hands, the young artists fall asleep on a couch. This couch is the gateway to their hopes, desires and dreams. The spectators also pass through this gate, accompany the young artists through their "dreams" and go on a journey with them. Together, everyone experiences all that the young people have learned over the past years. And also feel all the wishes and dreams.

POPCORN is the metaphor, like corn before it pops, the graduates went through a hot phase of their lives. They have grown physically and mentally, they have grown up and are now moving from one phase of life to the next. And that means it's showtime.

Their show is poetic and full of charm - yet also explosive and physical. Whether juggling, aerial artistry or floor acrobatics, the entire spectrum of artistic arts is presented at this celebration with great playfulness and genuine fun in this so artificial work. Curtain up for popcorn! 

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