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Falschgoldrichtig Tour 2022

With "falschgoldrichtig" Pohlmann released his new studio album in September 2020. The singer, songwriter and guitarist will then present the new songs next year on an extensive tour, and also with us.

Portrait von POHLMANN
Portrait von POHLMANN © Benedikt Schnermann

With "Wenn jetzt Sommer wär" he landed a real summer hit in 2006. Since then, everyone in this country knows Pohlmann. The Hamburg native became and is today an integral part of the German-language music scene without constantly chasing the next hit.

Instead, consistency, profound lyrics, charming compositions on the guitar. And although he wants to make the audience think with his songs, the singer-songwriter, despite all the profundity, is still the front man who conveys a really good attitude towards life with wit in his live shows on stage, because "life is too strange not to be fun!" He relies on the sound of his guitar, which harmonizes very well with his rough voice and the lyrics, and combines elements of pop and rock.

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