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Adolf Glaßbrenner alias Adolf Brennglas came up with many pseudonyms and non-political masks because of the omnipresent state censorship - he had to bend, but he never let himself be broken - despite constant professional bans and 8 years of exile.

But the censorship still has an impact today: Glaßbrenner has long since found his way into school textbooks: as a great humorist and creator of unforgettable Berlin characters like the corner-stealer Nante - but as an accurate satirist and sharp critic of German princely despotism, as a decisive voice of the March Revolution in 1848 and as a brilliant one political poet, he is still waiting for his great life's work to be recognized and republished. Organizer: Gerhard Moss Heß - Salon Hermione

Admission: UKB 8.-€ would be desirable

(Program in German)