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+++The poem: from hand to hand - ELIF VERLAG+++

The ELIF VERLAG, founded by the writer Dinçer Güçyeter, has mainly published volumes of poetry since 2011. These mostly focus on debuts, although other works also appear. The publisher describes itself as a place that promotes "lyrical positions that roll up the field from the edge".

In recent years, German-language volumes of poetry have been published by authors such as Özlem Özgül Dündar, Katrin Pitz, Ozan Zakariya Keskinkılıç and Hakan Tezkan. In addition, the publishing house published translations of works by international poets, including Radna Fabias from the Netherlands, Daniel Bencomo from Mexico and I˙lhan Berk, who died in 2008 and was one of the most important innovators of Turkish poetry in the 20th century.

In this event, the publisher will speak to two authors who have published their debut at ELIF VERLAG in recent years: Nail Doğan with "borrowed search words" and Katia Sophia Ditzler with "Lieder der Dreistigkeit". In addition, Dinçer Güçyeter will present two other poets who signed a contract with ELIF VERLAG that day.

Participants in reading and discussion: Katia Sophia Ditzler | Nail Dogan
and other surprise guests

Moderator: Dinçer Güçyeter

(Program in German)
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