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A retirement home for aged artists in the middle of nowhere. The exiled Russian director Timofej Kuljabin has transferred the ensemble of his production of PLATONOV to this final setting for the forgotten and abandoned; here, actors who are no longer in the limelight spend their 'retirement'.

Deutsches Theater Außenansicht am Abend
Deutsches Theater Außenansicht am Abend Arno Declair

But they are not simply waiting for death; instead, they ignore it and recall the highly emotional and difficult moments of their lives.

And so the plot of Anton Chekhov’s first play, Platonov, about the chaotic love life of a disillusioned school teacher, is resurrected in a setting where the characters are close to death. An ultimate comedy about the futureless and the lost, who strike up a last macabre and mournful dance about the disappearance of love, life and perhaps culture.

(Program in German, some dates with English surtitles)

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Additional information
by Anton Chekhov in a version by Timofej Kuljabin and Roman Dolzhanskij
Director: Timofej Kuljabin

Coproduction with Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
Participating artists
Timofej Kuljabin (Regie)
Oleg Golowko (Bühne)
Vlada Pomirkovanaya (Kostüme)
Roman Dolzhanskiy (Dramaturgie)
John von Düffel (Dramaturgie)
Oleg Golowko (Licht)
Robert Grauel (Licht)
Alexander Khuon (Michail Wasiljewitsch Platonow)
Linn Reusse (Alexandra Iwanowna)
Katrin Wichmann (Anna Petrowna)
Enno Trebs (Sergej Pawlowitsch Woinitzew)
Brigitte Urhausen (Sofia Jegorowna)
Manuel Harder (Nikolai Iwanowitsch Triletzki)
Max Thommes (Porfirij Semenowitsch Glagoljew)
Birgit Unterweger (Maria Jefimowna Grekowa)
Jonas Holupirek (Haushälter)
Mathilda Switala (Haushälterin)
Deutsches Theater Berlin
Deutsches Theater Berlin