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After four years of passionate work, fifteen years of dreaming, overcoming a chronic illness and numerous cell phone recordings at 5 a.m., the time has finally come: Pina Berlin's long-awaited debut album was released on November 10 and she's going on tour!

Pina Berlin is the solo musical project of Pinar Tatlikazan, a Turkish-German singer-songwriter, jazz vocalist and vocal coach. She represents complex cultural identities and talks about how she deals with illness and social expectations. This is reflected in her music, in which she conveys a message of empowerment that she has learned through years of stubborn perseverance: how to gain strength, find joy and believe in yourself. Inspired by her multiple identities, Pina's music invites you on a journey through the world and time, between singer-songwriter folk of the 60s, classic rock of the 70s, jazz ballads of the 50s, Turkish pop of the 90s and folk fusion between Anatolian rhythms, Brazilian samba and Argentine tango, which she combines with her enchanting voice.

Pina Berlin will be performing on the Art Stalker stage for the first time, but it's not her first visit here. She lived in Charlottenburg for the first 12 of her 13 years in Berlin and is happy to finally be able to play her songs on her beloved stages in her much-missed old neighborhood with a killer 6-piece band of her favorite musicians in Berlin!

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