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With Marwa Younes Almokbel, Sandra Burkhardt and Miriam Rainer (members of the Arab-German literature and translation collective Wiese).

What happens when we read apart an image like an anagram? What potential of appropriation does a list hold as a visual arrangement? And how can anagram, image, and list be brought into a relationship to translate violent absence into presence?

Members of the literature and translation collective Die Wiese invite you to a writing workshop in the exhibition space. The three artists and writers collaborated on the experimental digital project Various Answers in 2021. Here they annotated and literary edited the work Vor der rosa Wand by Erich Heckel.

In the workshop, the inventory of paintings that the Jewish collector Rosa Schapire created in exile from memory, a painting by Max Pechstein, and anagrams by the Grunewald artist Unica Zürn can provide initial impulses for joint speaking and writing.

For adults

Participation is free of charge. Advance registration is not necessary.

(Program in German)

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Price info: Participation is free of charge.
Brücke Museum