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on the piano: Maria Bause

1928 was the premiere of Brecht and Weill's "Threepenny Opera" at Berlin's Theater am Schiffbauer Damm. A world success was born! In 1929, the world premiere of "Happy End" by Brecht and Weill followed, also at the Berlin Theater am Schiffbauer Damm. It was a flop! What took place before the two premieres was a bustle among all the participants.

mit Publikum vollbesetzter Saal im Schlosspark Theater
mit Publikum vollbesetzter Saal im Schlosspark Theater © Schlosspark Theater, Derdehmel/Urbschat

One wonders why these plays ever saw the light of day on stage. These theatrical scandals of the time are told with relish and the most famous songs of the two plays are sung with relish. The experienced Brecht actors Hellena Büttner and Peter Bause thus prove that not only the shark had teeth, but also Brecht, Weill, Weigel, Paulsen, Gerron, George, Lenja, Neher and Mackeben.

And what tusks!

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