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Performance by Isabelle Schad & Laurent Goldring

Faces, hands and voices: As part of a long weekend of dance, Radialsystem presents the solo performance "Personne With Voice" by Isabelle Schad and Laurent Goldring as a German premiere.

Symbolbild Menschen vor einer Bühne
Symbolbild Menschen vor einer Bühne © AHOJ!

Their new choreography takes the concept of "Personne" as its starting point: "Personne" means 'person' and 'consciousness' in French. It can also refer to absence, as in the expression "il n'y a personne" - "there is no one is there."

In Roman antiquity, "persona" referred to the mask: theatrical mask representing a character, or a ritual mask establishing the place of the dancer:s in the social organization. A gradual shift moves meaning through all these layers of identity, whether understood as personality, stage figure, or subject without individual characteristics.

"Personne With Voice" was created on the basis of a creative process characteristic of their collaboration, in which the dialogue between the two artists* is intertwined with the projects they work on individually.

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Additional information
A production by Isabelle Schad in cooperation with Laurent Goldring, National Museum in Warsaw, Goethe-Institut Warsaw, Institut francaise in Warsaw. Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK – STEPPING OUT, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative, dance funding programme.

Isabelle Schad is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe – Concept Funding.

Thanks to Wiesen55 e.V., Muzeum Susch and Goldring-productions.


Media partners: taz. die tageszeitung, tip Berlin, ExBerliner and Rausgegangen.

Dance Weekend at Radialsystem

safe&soundPerformance by Lee MéirThur 27 04, 8 pmFri    28 04, 8 pmSat   29 04, 8.30 pmSun  30 04, 7.30 pm

Personne With VoicePerformance by Isabelle Schad & Laurent GoldringFri    28 04, 6 pmSat   29 04, 7 pmSun  30 04, 6 pm

The rest of dancePerformance von Ana Laura Lozza & Bárbara HangFri    28 04, 7 pmSat   29 04, 6 pm
Participating artists
Isabelle Schad, Laurent Goldring (Konzept und Choreografie)
Isabelle Schad (Performance)
Joanna Lesnierowska (Licht)
Ivan Bartsch (Ton, live Sound)
Elena Basteri (PR und Vermittlung)
Heiko Schramm (Produktionsleitung)
Damir Simunovic (Sound), Emma Juliard (Licht), Michael Sontag (Kostüm), Ignacio Jarquin (Stimmarbeit), Alexey Kokhanov (Stimmarbeit) (Dank an)
Radialsystem V
Radialsystem V
Radialsystem V