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For her first exhibition, Pauline Curnier Jardin (*1980, Marseille, France) has been inspired by the exhibition venue itself. Next to today's Galerie ChertLüdde was the cinema Luna-Lichtspiegel since 1914, which remained open until the last days of World War 2 films under female management. The themes of cinema, work, women, war, emancipation were, so to speak, tangible.

Ausstellung Behelfsbild gelb
Ausstellung Behelfsbild gelb © visitBerlin, Grafik MSF

Curnier Jardin's works are installations that combine architecture, film, sound, set design and drawing. She explores the complex themes of feminisms, traditions, rituals and popular culture. In the exhibition, the director, filmmaker, and sculptor presents her immersive installation "Luna Kino," which deconstructs events in German history and the discourses surrounding them. She shows what would remain hidden or overlooked. She interprets stories, histories and characters. For her works, she collaborates with other creatives, including stage and costume designer Rachel Garcia, artist Quirin Bäumler and sound designer Antonio Giannantonio.
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