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Curator's tour

Commonalities and differences of the pre-Columbian scripts are the focus of the curator’s tour in the Mesoamerica area. Topics include the Mesoamerican calendar in its variants and the writing of numbers. Was there a Teotihuacan script? Why are Mayan hieroglyphs considered the most complex writing system in Mesoamerica? What languages are the texts based on and what contents can be found in them? In addition, the question is: What happened to the pre-Columbian scripts after the Spanish conquest?

- 8,00 EUR per person. Please book your ticket in advance online or at the box office in the Foyer.
- Dates and ticket booking for the coming month are activated at the end of the previous month.
- Duration: 60 min
- Language: German
- Venue/Location: Ethnologisches Museum, 2nd floor
- Groupsize: max. 15 persons
- Belongs to: The Particular View

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