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What, then, is the background to the war in Ukraine? How is it that Russia is risking its international role and the prosperity of its population to usurp its neighbouring country?

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Podiumsdiskussion: „Der Geist des Imperiums. Warum führt Russland Kriege?”
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Our speaker, Dr Anke Giesen, studied Slavic studies and history in Germany and Russia. As head of department at the Berlin Senate Administration and as a member of the board of Memorial Deutschland e.V., she is committed to the historical reappraisal of the political repressions in the Soviet Union.

The interview was conducted by Christoph Meißner, research assistant at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. Meißner is a history and political scientist and researches the stay and withdrawal of Soviet/Russian troops in Germany.

In a Q&A session afterwards, you can ask your questions about the topic - and afterwards, impressions will be exchanged and actively discussed in small groups.

Of course, there will be drinks and musical accompaniment.


15:00 Admission
15:30 Panel discussion
16:15 Question & Answer Session
16:45 Breakout sessions, input from the audience
17:15 Closing with live music