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mit Iveta Apkalna (Organistin in Residence) und Max Hopp (Sprecher)

Three years later, Petr Eben compiled a nine-movement suite from his incidental music to Goethe's "Faust" for the Vienna Burgtheater (1976), which he arranged for solo organ. Through the way it is set to music, essential scenes of the tragedy are linked and re-referenced in a compelling cyclical context. The treatment of the organ is peculiar, appearing here not only in all its tonal dignity, but also as its own distorted image, as a barrel organ or even an orchestrion.

Iveta Apkalna an der Orgel
Iveta Apkalna an der Orgel Pablo Castagnola

Between the organ movements, Max Hopp reads excerpts from "Faust" (selected by Dietmar Hiller) to accompany each of the following movements.

Petr Eben - "Faust" - Nine movements for organ from the incidental music to Goethe's "Faust" for organ and speaker

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Iveta Apkalna (Orgel)
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