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with Dr Thomas Köhler, Joe Chialo, Kristin Johansen, Tone Hansen and Dr Stefanie Heckmann

The exhibition "Magic of the North" will be presented at the Berlinische Galerie from September 15, 2023 to January 22, 2024 and highlights the relationship between Edvard Munch and Berlin through a selection of approximately 80 works of art, including paintings, graphics and photographs.

Admission starts at 6 pm


Dr Thomas Köhler
Director, Berlinische Galerie

Joe Chialo
Senator for Culture and Community

Kristin Johansen
Deputy Head of Mission, Norwegian Embassy

Tone Hansen
Director, MUNCH

Dr Stefanie Heckmann
Head of the Fine Arts Department and curator of the exhibition

Followed by: Music by DJ iDJa, catering by Café Dix
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Price info: The participation is free of admission and without registration