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Under the open sky and directly on the water you can enjoy a unique cinema experience together with friends and family. We have put together an exciting selection of films for you, with something for every taste. Look forward to an unforgettable evening with a great atmosphere, delicious snacks and refreshing drinks. We look forward to seeing you.

Film: "Forrest Gump

"Film content: "Forrest Gump" tells a thoroughly extraordinary life story. Its eponymous protagonist (Tom Hanks, as a boy: Michael Conner Humphreys) has an IQ of only 75.While his mom (Sally Field) gives him some life lessons along the way, he manages to gather a number of remarkable deeds in his resume. For instance, he becomes a professional ping-pong player, fights in Vietnam, makes new friends in Lieutenant Dan (Gary Sinise) and Bubba (Mykelti Williamson), watches Governor Wallace try to prevent black students from entering the university, and (without knowing it) uncovers the Watergate scandal. Forrest's life is always closely tied to U.S. history of the 1960s and 1970s. Only one thing remains constant: his love for childhood friend Jenny (Robin Wright / Hanna Hall), with whom he has had a close friendship since childhood. But unlike him, she has screwed up her own life.

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