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"Too many people beat around the bush, but there's no room left in the bowl. In his new program Ole Lehmann #Tacheles talks about the really important topics in life: Why do mosquitoes only fly off at dusk? Why is "cash for rares" better than sex? And why is Zumba the chicken dance of the new generation?

Ole Lehmann
Ole Lehmann © Paul Schimweg

The award-winning stand-up comedian from Berlin philosophises about all this in his own light-hearted and sometimes crazy way. Without beating around the bush. But funny, thoughtful and above all always direct! #Tacheles is pure stand-up comedy. Without frills. Ole Lehmann talks about everything that comes to his mind. And so no evening is like the other. The Süddeutsche judges: "Very entertaining", and the Neue Westfälische finds it "rousing". Above all, however, at the end of this evening the audience knows: #Tacheles also goes in funny!

(Program in German)

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