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Last fall and winter, five authors were guests in the heart of the Deutsches Theater: Nele Stuhler, Milena Michalek, Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Maria Ursprung and Thomas Perle each took up residence for a month in the newly founded Autor:innenatelier.

Deutsches Theater Außenansicht am Abend
Deutsches Theater Außenansicht am Abend © Arno Declair.

They were invited to write and to reflect on theater in times of crisis and new beginnings after the lockdowns together with all the staff and visitors of the house. The goal of the residency program was not to commission plays, but rather encounters, conversations, a new togetherness.

Nevertheless, a text emerged: Ein altes Haus voll Leidenschaft , a "five-act play" in which the five authors talk together about their time in the studio, about exciting encounters and secrets of old houses. The reading evening gives the opportunity to get to know the authors and the text in a cozy bar atmosphere.

(Program in German)

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A Reading with the Atelier Authors Milena Michalek, Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Thomas Perle, Nele Stuhler and Maria Ursprung
Deutsches Theater Berlin