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British-Nigerian singer-songwriter Ola Onabule has been a staple in the music industry for more than twenty years, captivating audiences around the world with his unique blend of storytelling and soulful vocal style.

His songs deal with themes of love, loss and hope. Tracks like "In This Moment" are a soulful ode to the beauty of life's moments, while "Beautiful Soul," for example, is a romantic and uplifting tribute to love. Other tracks like "Love is All Around" and "Let Me Know" explore life's struggles and the power of resilience. Onabulé́s views on social injustice, which is a common thread throughout his work.
The songs tell stories of violence, immigration, xenophobia, betrayal and dignity, all the while celebrating life and warning against the social forces that threaten it. The artist ponders our contemporary lack of historical memory that allows distrust and fear to reign; he asks philosophical questions about violence; he ponders what is true power: violence or spirituality; he seeks to portray true love beyond all easy stereotypes.In a career spanning more than 20 years,

Ola has performed at many of the most prestigious international jazz festivals, including Montreal, Vancouver, San Sebastian, Istanbul, Washington and Umbria, as well as in concert halls and jazz clubs around the world, where he has built and consolidated a reputation with audiences. He has presented the music of his albums both with his quartet/quintet and with much larger ensembles of big bands and symphony orchestras, such as the WDR Big Band Cologne, the SWR Big Band Stuttgart, the Danish Radio Big Band Copenhagen and the Big Band Jazz Y Mexico in Mexico City. Onabulé́s reach is global, connecting with audiences around the world through his soulful voice and elegant demeanor.

Whether live on stage or on record, he interprets his experiences and the world around him with music arranged and produced with great attention to detail.

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