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dance performance

In Oh Dream Baby Dream... the dancers of CeCe Dance Company create a utopian world. In doing so, they evade Europe's most current crises and social issues.

Does this utopia help in finding new ways and reveal a new perspective, or does it only distort and suppress these social problems and their effects? The dancers go in search of answers as to whether values like equality and freedom will always remain utopian everywhere in the world.

The urgent desire to live in a better world arises from the feeling of injustice and the crises of a social system. If we look at the past, some societies developed visions of a better world whose social systems did not last.

Oh Dream Baby Dream... does not embody the past historical imagination of a better world, even though fragments of an equal society with equal rights for every human being complete the vision in Oh Dream Baby Dream.... The dancers set off euphorically into their new world, in which the current social problems and climate crises are only a glimmer of the past. In doing so, they also move on the border of dystopia and try to overcome the hurdles through dance in order to maintain the new world. Can the dream of their better world become a reality?

Tanz & Kreation/ Dance & Creation:

Ann Francis Ang, Guillaume Lemoine, Petra Jansson, Julia Pohlisch, Cécile Ströhla

Konzept, Choreografie / Concept, Choreography: Cécile Ströhla

Musik/Music: Alexandre Haudiquet

Kostüme/Costumes: Cécile Ströhla

Credits Bilder/ Credits pictures: Thalia Matthaei, Ana Delgado

Eine Produktion der CeCe Dance Company mit Unterstützung der „Artist in Residence“ Kari Tanzhaus Kempten und dem Theater Haus Berlin Mitte
Additional information
Participating artists
Cécile Ströhla (Regie, Choreographie)
Alexandre Haudiquet (Komponist/in)