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A woman, a violin, a loop station. Nora Kudrjawizki gives well-known songs their very own sound and character. With her ONE VIOLIN ORCHESTRA, the Berlin violinist turns her one-woman show into a band performance - and is celebrated for it by her Berlin fans. Her Maschinenhaus concert in 2020 was sold out in no time. So we are all the more pleased to announce a new concert date. Joining her again will be musical guests and friends.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Nora Kudrjawizki´s “One Violin Orchestra“ live in concert
© One Violin Orchestra

She is already an established fusion violinist in the field of neo-classical music. Nora has participated in numerous orchestral, rock and pop projects and is also an author and composer. With her albums "Loop" & "One Violin Orchestra" she will no longer remain an insider tip and also enchants her listeners with her current Christmas album, which is now available everywhere. Skillfully she combines on it musical genres and "looped", "sampled" and "jammed" with herself. The violinist has discovered the loop station for herself.

On September 9, 2022, Nora and her ONE VIOLIN ORCHESTRA will present a program of cover songs and original compositions at the Kesselhaus of the Kulturbrauerei. With empathy Nora takes the audience on a musical journey to rediscover world-famous hits. No concert is like the other - every show is a voyage of discovery. Witness the expedition ONE VIOLIN ORCHESTRA and follow Nora's call to the Kesselhaus.

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