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The best freestyle motocross athletes in the world will catapult themselves through the air again in 2023. The Night of the Jumps is the biggest international freestyle motocross series in the world and will once again take place in Berlin in 2023.

Mercedes Benz Arena + VERTI HALL
Mercedes Benz Arena + VERTI HALL AHOJ!

In February, the best motocross riders in the world will once again engage in an exciting competition with wild jumps in the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

In various disciplines, the audience will be offered sporting and acrobatic feats that require the highest concentration and control over the bikes. Sometimes it's the height of the jump that counts, sometimes it's the dizzying stunts, and in the whip contest the maximum rotation of the bike counts towards the direction of flight.

NIGHT of the JUMPs is the oldest and biggest international freestyle MX series. It is active in more than 21 countries on four continents. The special mixture of top international sport and modern show elements such as pyro and lighting technology has been attracting millions of fans from hall to hall since 2001.

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Night of the Jumps
Mercedes-Benz Arena
Mercedes-Benz Arena