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A mobile festival with world premieres. Christine Simolka, soprano, and René Wohlhauser, baritone and piano, sing works by

  • René Wohlhauser (*1954) from Basel
  • Gwyn Pritchard (*1948) from London
  • Leon Zmelty (*1997) from Munich
  • Veronica Ciobanu (*1993) from Chisinau
  • Vlad Burlea (*1957) from Chisinau
  • Vlad Razvan Baciu (*1986) from Iasi
  • Ulpiu Vlad (*1945) from Bucharest
  • Roman Vlad (*1982) from Bucharest
  • Stéphane Boussuge (*1968) from Vienna
  • Jean Claude Wolff (*1946) from Paris
  • Violeta Dinescu (*1953) Bucharest/Oldenburg

With the kind support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

Admission: 12 euros / reduced 8 euros; Box office from 6.30 p.m
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