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The NEINhorn is born in the Herzwald, a sugary magical world with "super sunny hills" and "wildly flowing waterfalls". Its always happy conspecifics really get on the NEINhorn's nerves. So it says goodbye to its lovely homeland with a snotty "Bye then!" .

On its journey, it meets the WASbären, the NahUND, and the KönigsDOCHter, and reluctantly makes new friends in them. "Das NEINhorn" is a cheeky story full of wit that rejects any message. But who knows, one or the other might recognize the protagonists' grumpy dialogues.

Fairytale minimalist: In her production, director Birga Ipsen adapts the inexhaustible imagination of playing children and creates a magical world from just a few elements. Dialogues flow smoothly into songs, which were enriched under the direction of Matthias Witting with marimba, glockenspiel, ocarina and nasal fete.
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Educational Services
Participating artists
Birga Ipsen (Regie)
Matthias Schönfeldt (Produktionsleitung)
Matthias Witting (Komponist/in)
Linda Schnabel
Neele Hilsberg
Kevin Paetzold Aaron Vorpahl
Guylaine Hemmer
Mathieu Pelletier
Natascha Petz
Alexandra Dimitroff