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BA Graduation Work

About the contradictions of symbolism and symbolic meaning. With field recordings and Foley sounds about the feeling before nature.

According to Belarussian mythology, there exists a space, called “Vyrai”, unknown to the living human beings where the souls of ancestors depart after death. A kind of paradise, only birds seem to witness. We could ask them, but how could we possibly understand their language?

The performance deals with the contradictory nature of symbolism and symbolic meaning, questioning the human-centric way of relating to birds.

Accompanied by the field-recordings and Foley sounds, this performance is an exploration of the feeling before nature.
Additional information
Concept and Performance: Dasha Belous

Sound Design and Performance: Dolfgren

Sound Object and composition: Dasha Belous

Mentoring: Sigal Zouk, Diego Agulio, Frauke Havemann, Philipp Gehmacher

Dasha Belous is a Belarusian-born improvisation movement artist, engaging in performance art, sound design and somatic form. Her artistic interest is built around the potential of the body to create a myth around itself. In her work she is addressing questions of identity by re-mystifying the "daily" and addressing a sensory self.