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"Antigirl Boss. Fighting Capitalism from the Sofa" Book Premiere and Reading - Literature LIVE

"Work hard, party hard!", "Performance pays off!". Nadia Shehadeh is tired of hearing such empty phrases. What if the management job with responsibility is no fun, but sorting paper at the copier is? What if you don't want to lead a life in the fast lane, but would rather lie on the couch and whistle about "productivity"? And what if the performance principle, praised by many, is actually just a fairy tale that can't explain status differences and makes people unhappy?

Portrait NADIA SHEHADEH Makbule Keles

Women in particular are told that they can free themselves from social structures of injustice through individual ambition. Nadia Shehadeh believes that this is a collective self-deception that perfidiously feigns equality of opportunity and drives people to do more and more paid and unpaid work. Instead of a stressful life in the fast lane, she advocates a life as an anti-girl boss: ambition no longer plays a major role, and the average is not despised but welcomed. She advocates maintaining a comfort zone that protects against burning out for outside demands. "When we realize that it's not so important to have everything, be able to do everything, and always work at the limit, life is not only easier to live, but also happier."

"Antigirl Boss" will be published by Ullstein Verlag on February 23, 2023.

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