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Listening with the heart

With organ-like circulating expressive baritone cascades and ethereal soprano saxophone lines, Gert Anklam takes his audience into undreamed-of sound spaces.

Gert Anklam mit Sopransaxophon
Gert Anklam mit Sopransaxophon © Stefan Gast, Ev. Kirchengemeinde Heilig Kreuz

At his side the sound artist Pina Rücker and the singer and percussionist Beate Gatscha.


  • Gert Anklam - baritone - and soprano saxophone, sheng
  • Pina Rücker - crystal singing bowls
  • Beate Gatscha - vocals, percussion
Admission: 15 € / reduced 10 €
Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche (Kreuzberg)