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A look behind the scenes together with Max Daiber, Project Manager Construction, SPSG

The Handtmann House, converted into a dairy by Ludwig Persius in 1833-34, is to be renovated in 2022-23 and given new life with returning residents. Plans call for five rental apartments and a small summer café.

Meierei am Kuhtor, Ansicht Nord
Meierei am Kuhtor, Ansicht Nord © SPSG / Friedemann Steinhausen

Project manager Max Daiber explains the specific measures that will be used to bring the atmosphere of a rural Italian production building envisioned by Persius back into the consciousness of park visitors.

Public rehearsals by local artists

At the same time as the guided tours, a public rehearsal of local cultural artists will take place in the vicinity of each of the tour sites. Independently of your participation in a guided tour, you are invited to go on a discovery tour "In Neighbor's Garden" and to engage in spontaneous conversation with the artists.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Meeting point: Park entrance Kuhtor

Booking: 0331.96 94-200 (Tue-Sun) or two tickets per registration)
Meierei am Kuhtor