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Since the church was built around 1270, Berliners have made the Marienkirche their own. St. Mary's Church is the oldest house of worship in Berlin that has been used continuously by the church. Nowhere else can you trace Berlin's urban history as you can here, get an idea of what moved people in different centuries.

St. Marienkirche Mitte
St. Marienkirche Mitte visitBerlin, Artfully Media, Sven Christian Schramm

The ideas of the master builders can be discovered in the expanse of the hall church, political explosiveness of the 14th century is hidden in the atonement cross next to the portal, the goals of the reformers manifest themselves in Schlüter's pulpit. Fears and joys of family life are told by the pictures of the tombs and epitaphs.

Christina Roterberg (soprano), Arno Schneider (organ) play music by candlelight today.

Admission: 8€ / 5€ (reduced)
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St. Marienkirche Mitte