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Which paths lead people to a sustainable understanding of transport and mobility - and what can we actively contribute to this?

The multimedia room installation “A100 – Operation Beton” by the two artists Petra Kübert and Christina Zück has appealed to a completely new audience in recent months - a sign that the Neukölln Museum has hit the nerve of the times with this topic. Especially for an urban society characterized by diversity like that of Neukölln, it is important that the museum continually builds a bridge between the past, present and future.

All people are – in one way or another – road users. They use means of transport, they use paths, streets and squares, they move through urban space, a living space that is at the same time a traffic space - and all too often - also a storage space. Whenever they are stuck in a traffic jam or the S-Bahn is not running, they may feel more like they are being treated and less like they are taking an active role. But: Are they really just at the mercy? Or can’t they – each in their own way – do something to help shape the necessary change?



Karin Korte
District councilor


Jochen Biedermann
District councilor Neukölln

Dr. Oliver Swedes
Transport and mobility researcher

Prof. Uli Mayer-Johanssen
Member of the CLUB OF ROME board and communication and transformation expert

Tobias Trommer
Stop the A100 action alliance


Dr. Matthias Henkel
Head of Museum Neukölln & Head of Department Museum I City History I Remembrance Culture

(Program in German)
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