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With Rainer Strecker as narrator, members of the Berliner Philharmoniker devote this family concert to "Faber's Treasure," based on the children's book of the same name by Cornelia Funke.

At first, it is still hectic and noisy, but then the lights in the hall go down and the musicians stream to their places. Finally it’s time: the room is filled with instrumental colours, with energy and emotions from the first seat to the last.

This is the world of classical music.

People from the age of six can discover this magical world at our moderated, sometimes staged family concerts. The young concertgoers can explore different styles of classical music, from catchy tunes to new compositions, during four concerts.

How do composers paint with notes? And how is music able to make us sad or console us without any words? Together all decipher this secret code.
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Participating artists
Mitglieder der Berliner Philharmoniker und Gäste
Angelo de Leo
Harry Ward
Micha Afkham
Moritz Karl Huemer
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
Rainer Strecker
Rita William
Daniel Arab
Ilka Schneider
Ulla Willis