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A Junges DT Production

"Someone like me isn’t supposed to exist." An island. Endless water, rocks, a village, a monastery. There is no electricity, only the moon, the sun and a thousand eyes. The eternal rhythm of nature, a religious book and a stake for those who disobey. Here, the men are in charge. And here, in this setting, a girl grows up, a foundling, without a mother or a name. She’s different from the others. She’s not allowed to read, or swim, because she is a girl. The only thing she knows is the island. She starts singing. She sings her Miroloi song in 128 stanzas. A song about the courage to protest. She finds her voice and her own way.

Arno Declair
Arno Declair © Arno Declair

Together with young performers on the Kammerspielbühne, the major Dutch director and FAUST prizewinner Liesbeth Coltof is staging the world premiere of this exciting and poetic story of emancipation. It explores "reaching the point when you oppose your surroundings and the high price you pay for it." (Sandra Kegel, FAZ )
Additional information
by Karen KöhlerDirector: Liesbeth Coltof
Participating artists
Liesbeth Coltof (Regie)
Guus van Geffen (Bühne)
Carly Everaert (Kostüm)
Ronni Maciel (Choreografie)
Birgit Lengers (Dramaturgie)
Amelie Paneru
Bruno Liebler
Songül Ince
Eren Gündar
Ilja van Urk
Narin Dogan
Eutália de Carvalho
Greta Borg
Leo Domogalski
Anna Suzuki
Guenter Schmidt
Rebecca Rücker
Flo Rieder
Deutsches Theater Berlin - Kammerspiele